Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's all happening

Staff Arrival: check.
Staff Orientation: check.
Student Arrival: check.
Student Orientation: check.
Summer Project: happening.

121 E. Maple is filled.  Filled with 45 college students.  Filled with laughter.  Filled with rich, meaningful conversation.  Filled with games of Apples to Apples.  Filled with sweet grace and with precise truth.

We have a great staff team, who I just continue to find myself enjoying.  We are a totally low-key/low-maintenance group -- which I am loving.  We had a great week of just staff together; we formed a sweet family with one another.  We welcomed our students into an already-family.  And our students are a blast -- relational connections are being formed, significant conversations are happening, and steps of risk & faith are being taken.

Too much ice cream has been consumed.  Wawa has become a dear friend quickly.  I'm wishing Floody's Grill was still around.  Every day has been characterized by sunshine.  And did you know there are just as many stars in the galaxies as there grains of sand in the world?  That's been blowing my mind.