My Story

I grew up in the boondocks.  We listened to country music, had one traffic light, celebrated over bonfires, shut the town down for football games, and drove tractors to school.  I have two parents, a brother, and a dog.  I have a boat-full of hilarious stories.  I have lots of dreams.  Some have come true, some have felt shattered.  I like sports and cheesy board games.  I dance and sing in the kitchen.  And while I'm brushing my teeth.  I dig Jesus and I think my life feels full because of him.  I think spirituality is really important.  I want my life to matter in the end.  Pretty run-of-the-mill.  Only not. 

Blah, blah, blah.  So, then, after braces, volleyball spandex, and proms, I went to Mount Union College.

Graduating from Mount Union College in 2008, I joined staff with CRU at Bowling Green State University.  CRU exists at BGSU for the purpose of engaging students with the campus's core value of "intellectual and personal growth."

CRU's greatest hope is to create spaces for individuals to safely navigate through their spiritual journeys.  We are designed for the spiritual seeker, the religiously restless, the skeptic, the believer.  Without sugar-coating our message, we do run our ideas through a Christian worldview, however, never manipulating anyone to believe anything.  We simply seek to be a spiritual resource so that no journey would have to be traveled alone.

I believe our stories are important and sacred.  I believe they are to be shared.  This is a bit of mine shared with you.  I hope you are one in which I'll share more with over a soy chai latte.  And, you, grab a friend, your favorite caffeinated beverage, snuggle up in a comfy chair, and swap together your epic stories.

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