Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is War.

One of the most powerful Christmas songs I've ever heard (and the video is pretty moving itself).

The gunfire, the shots, the injustice, the battle, the war, the sadness, the shadows, the darkness -- they will all cease, they will take a knee, they will bow to the King.  The darkness will cease in light of the King.  He has come.  And He's coming again.  And He rides on the clouds of victory.  Redemption rings out from a manger in Bethlehem to all nations, to the ends of the earth, for all people.

"This is war like you ain't seen.  
This winter's long; it's cold and mean.
With hangdog hearts, we stood condemned,
but the tide turns now at Bethlehem.
This is war, and born tonight, the Word as flesh -- the Lord of Light.
The Son of God, the low-born King -- who demons fear, and of whom angels sing.

This is war on sin and death;
the dark will take its final breath.  
It shakes the earth, confounds all plans
 -- the mystery of God as man."

Monday, December 12, 2011

90s Christmas list

If you were a 90's kid with me, I can safely bet your Christmas list looked nearly identical to this:

1) Moon Shoes

2) Skip-It

3) Creepy Crawlers

4) Koosh Ball

5) Tamagotchi

6) Gak

7) Silly Putty

8) Super Soaker

9) Roller Blades 

10) Super Nintendo

11) Talkboy

12) My Little Pony

13) Pogs

14) Beanie Babies

15) Tickle Me Elmo

16) Micro Machines 

17) Bop It

18) Stretch Armstrong

19) Power Wheels 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One of the Best of Its Kind

Advent: God With Us from The Village Church on Vimeo.

"In their waiting, they had hope.  Hope that was fully pledged to a God they had not seen, to a God that had promised a king.  A king who would reign over the enemy, over Satan's tyranny."