Monday, October 29, 2012

Glimpses of Fall

Autumn.  The shortest of seasons.  But arguably, the most beautiful.
With its reds & oranges, and crisp, clean air, and the invitation to boots & hoodies, and the roar of a nearby football stadium.  I love this season.  And I have been having a blast celebrating with the dearest of people in my life.

Just some snapshots........

Camp Palmer Lake 

Sometimes I visit cemeteries to remind myself of the brevity of life.  Is that weird?  Yeah, probably.  But this was a beautiful shot of fall leaves and life come and gone.

Pumpkins at MacQueen's Orchard

Zach making caramel apples!

With my dear friend, Tim, carving pumpkins.

Just for the record, our pumpkin won in the in pumpkin carving contest.  But it's cool.  I'm remaining humble.

Kala and I with our caramel apples!

The whole Butler gang!  

Zach and I's "Grand Beginning Date" @ Cedar Point and a surprise ending!

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